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Online Timed Auction of Complete Contents Stock, Plant & Machinery of Contract Interior Design Furniture Manufacturing Company In Alresford Colchester Essex UK


Bid NOW Timed to

 Wednesday From 10am January 3rd 2018

Over 60 Lots – Everything Must Go

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Just a few Machines


Lot Items 60

Lot 1 Corian / Hanex/Perspex / Solid Surface Thermoforming preheating Machine JRII.

LOT 2 Gulliet C. 4 sided cutter/planer with safety hood and Digital setting

Lot 3 Wanson Industrial Heater WMP 300  To heat a large area

Lot 4 KARACHER Steam cleaner HDS 551 C

Lot 5 Rye R52 Auto Copy Shaper complete with Booth and safety gate

Lot 6  Rye J2 Semi automatic 10 Head Digitized slot Mortiser

Lot 7 Rye T3 Digitized Twin Position Single Ended  Tenoner

Lot 8  2 x Spray booth Flat Spray Racks

Lot 9 Adams Galvanised Clip Together Ducting/Dust Extraction Batch 1

Lot 10 Adams Galvanised Clip Together Ducting/Dust Extraction Batch 2

Lot 11 KUFO SK- 25DS  600 mm Drum/panel Sander

Lot 12 Pneumatic Chair, Stool, Frame Press

Lot 13 Pneumatic Press Chair, Stool, Frame Press. 2mtrs long

Lot 14 Danckerts Heavy duty Band Saw

Lot 15 Tubela Electric Tube Bending Machine

Lot 16 Pneumatic Upholstery Press Complete with table

Lot 17 Wadkin Bursgreen Pneumatic/Hydraulic Crosscut Trenching Saw

Lot 18 CL250  Industrial 2 Speed Pad/Stroke  Belt Sander

Lot 19 2 x Factory/Catering trolleys 930mm x 1930mm

Lot 20 Ninfa RC-3 MDF Edge Sander No 1 complete with 2 speed power Feeder

Lot 21 Ninfa RC-3 MDF Edge Sander No 2 complete with 2 speed powerFeeder

Lot 22 Rye Pneumatic 4 Head Boring/Doweling Machine

Lot 23 Wilkinsons Heavy Duty Floor Standing Pillar Drill

Lot 24 Forklift Container Loader/un-loader/Opener Platform

Lot 25 LANGBOW 6 Head Hydraulic Metal Tube Punch Machine

Lot 26 Wadkin Heavy Duty Re-Saw/Band-Saw

Lot 27 Wadkin Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cross Cut Saw

Lot 28 Wadkin Bursgreen Chisel Mortising Machine

Lot 29 Wadkin Floor Standing High Speed Router Complete with dust extraction hood

Lot 30 Loading  Straps and Ratchets

Lot 31 Dust extraction machine and Collection Bags

Lot 32 22 Boxes 2 pallets of Plastic Caps and Plugs

Lot 33 Casadei V315 Edge Banding Machine

Lot 34 Mann Holtz  KAM 40 Pro Mobile Edge Banding Machine 34.7

Lot 35 LangBow  Double Ended Tube Bending Machine TM32-2Mtr

Lot 36 Seiko Industrial Sewing Machine with Chair

Lot 37 Fabric, Vinyl and Faux Leather Roll Ends 2 Pallets

Lot 38 Mouldings Rack 100’s of Mouldings, Architraves, Oak Barrel Moulds, Picture Frame

Lot 39 Trolley Wheels 55KG

Lot 40 Cocksley Sanding Linisher complete with 10 belts

Lot 41 Meddings double ended Pneumatic Bobbin sander

Lot 42 Quantity of Turned table and chair, stool legs 4 Pallets estimated 1200-1500 legs

Lot 43 Quantity of Turned Table Columns 3 Pallets estimated 300-400 coumns

lot 44 Quantity of Solid Wood Timber

Lot 45 10 Ton Machine or Equipment Transporters (Bogey’s)

Lot 46 Industrial Hot Air Wood Burner

Lot 47 Ingersol Rand 7.5 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Lot 48 270 Ltr 11 Bar Pressure tank Complete

Lot 49 Sets of Hardened metal Alpha Numeric hand punches for marking steel

Lot 50 Suction Table Sanding Machine

Lot 51 6 Inch Flexible hoses with Jubilee clips Ready to connect to Machines

Lot 52 3 Pack Board rack

Lot 53 2 Pack Board rack

Lot 54 JOHN GUEST Airline Speedfit Nylon Pipe and Fittings

Lot 55 8 bags of Leather, Hide and fur off cuts

Lot 56 5 Ton Bogies or Heavy Machine Movers

Lot 57 Approximately 300 Chromed Sofa feet new 100mm

Lot 58 Kenburn K4 Hydraulic Waste Compacter and Bailer

Lot 59 Wagner Puma double Spray gun

Lot 60 100 Werzalit and Iso Indoor/outdoor table tops


Most items can be strapped and palletised and standard shipping costs applied for UK mainland Shipping to anywhere else and abroad can be quoted. 
Local carrier offering Bigger Machines Can be Low Loaded for 10p per Mile Return Journey from Alresford, Essex. Offloading must be organised by the buyer. 
A forklift is on sight for assistance and speedy loading 
All items are to be cleared by 4 working days after the auction date 
All items are privately owned so No further VAT will be added

Any Questions Contact  jr@jroyproperties.co.uk